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Good morning one and all!  We've got updates and news galore today, so sit back, relax, and take in some awesome new news!

Who's Who In Superheroes Ltd #2

As Superheroes Ltd #2 progresses nicely, I figured it would be a good idea to let you in on who's who and what's happened between issues 1 and 2.

profileJoeJoe Cape: Still unemployed after the events of issue 1, Joe has decided he's going to use his powers to help the people of the city, whether he's licensed or not!  Hiding his face, and with law enforcement in pursuit of his new alter ego, Joe is trying to find out where the mech that attacked in issue 1 came from, who built it, and if there could be more of them out there!

profileMariaMaria Sides: Her actions at the end of issue 1 have earned her a stretch in prison for unauthorised use of her powers (even though it was in defence of the city)!  She knows Joe has been playing vigilante and is deeply concerned he's going to wind up behind bars with her.

profileDerekDerek Black: Now a government employee, Derek has been tasked with finding and bringing in the new rogue superhero that's been appearing across town.  Unbeknownst to Derek, he is hunting his friend and former colleague, Joe!

Derek has tried to investigate the origins of the mech from issue 1, however his bosses keep blocking his attempts to gain answers.  This has only made him more suspicious.

profileBryanBryan Bodington: Bryan is also now working as an agent for the government.  He was hired alongside Derek and the two have been partnered together.  Their bosses are hoping Bryan's animalistic instincts and keen sense of smell are going to be crucial to tracking down the new vigilante.

So, there you have it!  Issue 2 is shaping up to be an exciting tale where old friends suddenly find they're on differing sides of the law.  Will Derek and Bryan bring Joe in?  Will any of the parties find out the truth behind the mech?  There's only going to be one way to find out!

Not Read Superheroes Ltd #1?

Not to worry!  You can purchase a physical copy from this website, or at any of the conventions I am attending.  Alternatively, you can get a digital copy from my new Comicsy store!  Get caught up and get ready for one of the best indie comics you'll read this year!  (Yes, I'm confident.)

Bristol Comic Expo!

I recently attended Bristol Comic Expo and had an awesome time as usual.  It was held in a new venue this year, Future Inns near Cabot Circus.  Despite being a little cramped, there was a great atmosphere and a ton of people came out to say hi and buy some comics!

2014-05-10 09.34.46

Whilst there, I met some new faces.  First up we have The Red Mask From Mars, by Vincent Hunt and Shaun Dobie.  An alien has stuck itself to the face of Doug Stewart, making him practically indestructible.  It's a bloody fun and hilarious read that feels like a very British Deadpool.  Definitely one to check out!

Next up is Razarhawk, by Ian Matthews and Dani Abram.  Agent Hawk is the pilot of an experimental plane which transforms into a battle robot!  (Think Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Megazord or a Gundam and you're pretty much there.)  With artwork reminiscent of Kim Possible, it'll be interesting to see where the duo take the idea.

Finally, I cannot fathom why I've not spoken about her before because I have an embarrassing amount of her stuff, I grabbed volume 2 of Nanniiebim's Mephistos.  Centering around a genuinely cute and heartwarming romance between a quiet but straight talking woman and the demon-disguised-as-a-man-but-she-can-somehow-see-through-it that lives in the flat next door, it has a unique, scratchy, almost concept art, manga aesthetic which never fails to amaze me. (I really, really, like this book, okay?)

Thought Bubble Confirmed!

I have booked the time off work, paid the invoice for the table and reserved the hotel room.  Thought Bubble, Leeds, 15 and 16th November 2014.  I'll see you there!

Rogue Wings - A Video Game I Happen to be Making

I'm putting my BA (Hons) Games Art & Design degree to good use by creating a game inspired by Star Fox, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and After Burner together using the Unity engine.  I present to you, Rogue Wings!

You saw two videos of this game in my last update, but since then I have put up two more developer diaries, which can be seen below.  I'm very much learning the programming as I go (because I'm primarily an artist, not a programmer) but a friend appears to be onboard to help me with that, which is awesome.


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I'm a UK based artist specializing in comic and video game art. I'll be hitting UK comic, video game, and anime conventions this year, appearing on as many artist alleys as I can.

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